Musicianship Resources

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This site contains online resources for the Musicianship courses at Charleston Southern University, including Musicianship II and Musicianship IV, spring 2013. This site is still being built, so materials will be added to the site regularly, and pages will be updated as necessary.


Introduction to the inverted musicianship course (for students).
Introduction to this "textbook" (for instructors & scholars).


Meter and time signatures.
Pitches and octave designations.
Intervals and dyads.
Triads and seventh chords.
Types of contrapuntal motion.

Voice-leading and model composition

Introduction to strict voice-leading.
Composing a cantus firmus.
Composing a first-species counterpoint.
Composing a second-species counterpoint.
Composing a third-species counterpoint.
Composing a fourth-species counterpoint.

Strict keyboard-style voice-leading (includes video).
Melodic keyboard-style voice-leading schemata.
Realizing a figured bass line in melodic keyboard style (video).
Realizing an unfigured bass line (video).

Voice-leading in contemporary Christian worship music.


Introduction to thoroughbass.
Embellishing tones.

Introduction to musical functions.
Harmonic functions.
Harmonic syntax.

Classical cadence types.
Generating Roman numerals from a figured bass line.
Chromatically altered subdominant chords.
Applied chords.
Modal mixture.

Harmony in pop/rock music.

Handouts and charts

Lead-sheet and figured-bass symbols.
Functional-bass symbols for common diatonic chords.


Introduction to musical functions.

Classical theme types.
Classical minuet form.
Galant schemata.
Introduction to Sonata Theory.
Sonata form: the exposition.
Sonata form: the recapitulation.

Form in pop/rock music.

Post-tonal music

Analyzing atonal music.
Analyzing 12-tone music.
Glossary of atonal musical terms.

Sheet of blank chromatic-scale clock faces.


Copyright and fair use.
Style guidelines.
Writing blog comments.
Writing a music-analytical essay.


Typesetting a keyboard-style voice-leading exercise.
Using Variations Audio Timeliner.
Adding a creative commons license to a blog post.
Posting a blog link to Twitter.
Creating a musical graphic and importing it into a text document.


Sight-singing tips.


Transcribing syncopation in pop/rock music.
Melodic dictation demo.

Text and music

Analyzing poetry.
Interpreting Scripture – introductory resources.